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The End
Friday, October 29, 2010 | 15:54 | 0 heartsā™„ I think its the end of us. Thank you for seeing me for the last time. Thank you for accompany me for almost this 3years. Thank you for loving me once,that makes me really happy & at the same time,i feel so upset. I am so dissappointed of myself. I'm sorry for evrythg. I'm sorry for stealing you from someone. I dont think i can bare this anymore. I'm sorry i'm not perfect. I just dont understand why u do this to me, when i love u so much, when i need u to support me, when u are evrythg to me.. Why me? Why can't tell me the truth? I really need ur explanation.but its too late. For the first time, i trust a man. But u..... U make me hate evry man in this world n i hate her,STALKER THAT LOVE TO PROVOKE ME..! why me?why now? Why dont u make this drama 3years ago? Please, i'm sick of this CHEAP DRAMA! For him,I'm sorry, i'm sorry i'm not going to trust u again.i'm sorry for evrythg. Goodbye