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Exam...... aja aja fighting ! :)
Monday, May 2, 2011 | 13:28 | 0 heartsā™„ hohoho
finally the examination comes to the END soon..
only one more paper to go that is PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING..
huhuhu. can't wait to finish up all those thing bcoz i've been messing up with headache n fever along the examination week... so sad
but it's okay, during the long holidays - 4 MONTHS - i can have a LONG rest. haha
actually i want to be a part timer. but i'm lazy to work
i'm just planned to hang out with old friends from school n matrics at KL..
and ~ ~ ~ HOLIDAY with him. **secret place..huhu
yeah of coz, for this sem, it's been a tough for me
i don't know what subject i can score in the final....huhu
i'm playfull and now i'm regret.
i wish i could study seriously in the next sem..
i want to get DEAN. insyaALLAH.. may God bless me
a lot of things messed up my mind
i hope i can clear all of it ! huh. i'm tired of being fooled..
and yet it's been a tough semester.. i have to face obstacles.. from HIM, from HER..
but i am me.. if i think i can, so i can.. i got a lot of support from him n my family also my lovely friends Anna , Ikin n also Ain . a lot of advice from them and i'm grateful they are exist for me anytime..