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Girls's Friend Meeting !
Sunday, May 8, 2011 | 15:26 | 2 heartsā™„ It's gonna be another day with the SUNSHINE !
like I said - Girls's Friend Meeting. haha
on 10th May 2011, there will have a history created by us ! hihi

Tentative (9th May 2011 - 11th May 2011) :

  • girls meet up at my house ( Elin, Fila)
  • hangout kt KL jap
  • sleep zzzzz at my house
  • waiting for Bila coming from JB n Fuza to finish her last paper at UiTM Shah Alam
  • makan makan a.k.a lunch & solat
  • start our journey to KTM Shah Alam - Subang - Sunway Pyramid
  • wayang or bowling or karaoke or ALL ! haha
  • makan makan lagi kalau lapar
  • balik, stay at KL, sleep at HOTEL, gossip girl !! :p
  • byebye ~ ~ ~ huhu
The Girls :
The Guest : 
The MasterMind :
***they are all my lovely matriculation friends (Pahang Matriculation College). its been more than a year since our last meeting. i am so missed them..huhu..thats why i planned such a great meet up -to-be. i really hope they do like it. thanks to them who are able to come from Perak, Johor and Shah Alam itself :D