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Working Part-Time at Subang Parade
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | 21:17 | 4 heartsā™„ on the first day work as a part-timer at MPH Bookstore, Subang Parade :

me in the morning.
  • I was so truly excited on having a job. haha
  • I came early. actually I have to come working at 9.15 but on 8.45 I already punch in ! haha. Crazy
  • Then, I waited for the HR manager, Kak Yati to guide me. What would I do along the day.
  • Today, I meet my new Friend and new colleague, His name is Raja "something" Haziq.  he is friendly and helpful. he also new part-timer there. we are working together at the department (Labelling Books and Pricing).
  • Such a tiring work there. Luckily we don't have to meet customers outside. Just 'being friends' with those books and magazines. hahaha. Pity my eyes.. have to match the requisition made by our customers, look for the book and then pricing all the stocks.. wahh.. so many work maa.. huhu
  • But its okey since we have a good senior, Kak Intan (But she feel more comfortable if we call her Cik Intan) teaching us here and there, giving direction on how to do works. I feel really warm being there even if I don't know anyone there before this.. huhuhu
  • Everyone was happily working, making jokes, laughing.. I was enjoyed too ! :)
  • During lunch our, I'm having lunch alone ! what a pity. haha. earlier, Haziq invite me for having lunch with him. But, since I have some work to finish up at that time, so I tell him to go on first..huhu. but its okey laaaa, i'm independent girl.. :DD
  • After lunch, I pray and hurry up back to work.
  • Then continue with the books.. sob3
  • Sharp 6.30 at the evening, we go Back ! hehehe
  • When I arrived home, everyone asking, how's your work? what did you eat? when did you have your lunch? waahhh.. looks like everyone cares me so much. hehe.
  • I'm tired.. I really am ! huhuhu
  • I hope things will go smooth tomorrow. InsyaALLAH ....