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1, 2, 3 LOVE
Thursday, October 6, 2011 | 06:04 | 0 heartsā™„
on Wednesday, 05th October 2011
at City Campus

at Jusco Aeon Melaka
miss Gelabah.haha
@surau ^^,
dia punya
saya punya
kat mana? cer teka.hihi
bajet cute
gedik gedik.haha

at Dataran Pahlawan
ouhh so sleepy
yesterday was so amazing!
I can't believe it both of us do crazy things.haha
we hangout around Malacca for a day! whatthe@!#$%^&*
even though have assignment to submit today, didn't manage to finish it, but we go out to chill ourselves ! 
if my mom knows.. oh God, its going to be the third WW..hihi
first, in the morning, we went to Jusco, karaoke for 2 HOURS !
then, watching movie ( BINI-BINIKU GANGSTER ), then, we go to pray at surau and had a lunch at OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE.
 in the next slot, we just look around and just resting at surau,
waiting for Zue and Nadya to finish their koko.
about 8.20pm. they arrived Jusco and take us to Dataran Pahlawan
we watched movie ( ABDUCTION )
hell yeah, the movie was so double triple exciting!
we just love Taylor Lautner :)
erm, we don't have the time to take picture with Zue and Nadya, don't have enough time to cit cat too.huhu
we got back to our hostel around 00.02am, 
luckily the guard didn't ask anything..hehe 
p/s : I never did crazy things like I did yesterday.haha

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