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Wednesday, October 12, 2011 | 03:58 | 0 heartsā™„ While studying Business Law [BPTP 2073] in a cold early morning,
12-10-2011, 3.03am - now, Malacca,
I was remembered about Homies!
uh uh, it's been a while since I back to my homies.
I hate this semester!
what a tiredness, laziness, full of -ness ! haha
didn't have much time to have a date,
didn't have much time to have fun,
didn't have much time to have a kit kat also!
and suddenly we are approaching the mid term.
what a disaster semester.

back to the topic.
Homies is equivalent to home sweet home! haha
yippie! this week i'll go back to my homeCITY!
have an appointment with doctor..
what? am I sick? yeah yeah. have a check up..
check up on what? jeng jeng jeng :D
erm, just a normal check up..
lately i've been unwell, that's why my mom told me to have a check up
for my own good.
ouhh dear. i really hoping for the best result.
i want to be healthy AGAIN! huhu

out of topic.
(for a while)
erm erm. I always dreaming of someone.
this particular someone
heyy IMY!
heyy can you hear me. I said IMYSM!!
well well
hope you can hear me since I said it loud enough :)

back to the show.
let's continue reading LAW!
if it is not because of quiz, there is no way I wake up so early just to READ!
erm erm, students, you should behave #(^_^)

*countdown.. few more days.
lecturers, can we cancel all the class?
I want go back home early ^.^
sincerely, me <3