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Aku Tak Gatal
Saturday, November 26, 2011 | 13:50 | 0 heartsā™„
 Living For Our Love

I remember my first and only love walking together holding hands,
Like two birds soaring through the clear blue sky.

We share many memories and secrets
That define our unique relationship.

As time moves on, these birds may find a better life,
But not my first and only love.

He soars through my life with elegance and beauty,
Leaving me star struck at every breath.

We live in our moments, but more importantly live for our love.

Times are sometimes dark, but no worries
We have it under complete control.

Through the good and evil,
We look for the connection that keeps us together.

What is that connection?

Love is in our minds, words, actions, and hearts forever.

As our journey grows stronger, our love becomes everlasting.

A place we go
to let us know
that our love is always true
and that we will never be blue.
A memory on the edge of time
A place where we are so sublime,
A distant dream on a midnight's eve
fell deeper in love just like to turtle 
somewhere far from acknowledged leaves. A time in which we
doves. We sang our songs and gave our token
to remember one single moment.