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SaJak's Family Day !
Monday, December 19, 2011 | 19:17 | 0 hearts♥
The Blue Teams GIRLS
Aerobic first !
haha. mcm cute ~.~
pakcik Haris jual BAKSO
GAME 1 : dorg nmpk sweet. haha
GAME 2 : istana senget sebelah
The Blue Team
GAME 3 : We made it ! hehe
GAME 4 : passing ballons
the gediks one
ohhh my...
GAME 5 : nak gula2, tp jumpa tepung.hahaha
pakcik Rahimi yg suka bebel :p
kasihan si Amrizz kena buli
GAME 6 : creativity
the surprises !!!
Happy Birthday syg :)
main suap2 pule
 ♥ her! The Birthday GIRL.
The very interesting memories to REMEMBER ! 
I really enjoyed the games. 
My team members sgt lah the very sempoi and sporting. 
Tahniah Blue Team for the VICTORY and winning the first place ! :D
wish we can have a program like this again! huhu