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An Unforgettable Holiday
Tuesday, December 13, 2011 | 04:54 | 2 heartsā™„
on 9th Dec 2011,
My family and I (of coz!)
went to Kuantan,
for a HOLIDAY !!
yeay. hehe

on the first night, 
we CHECK IN at 
we go swimming, eating,
it is so a great moment
since I have with my family.
I miss it :(

otw to OUR room
we go THROUGH the huge wave :)
my two brotha's
the SERABAI us :p
on the second day,
we move to
Swiss Garden Hotel
a really impressive hotel, 
at the first sight.
but when it come to services,
i totally dislike them.
they're too slow..
with the crowd customer,
they cannot managed them.
we had to CHECK IN after 4.30 pm. 
imagine that
how tired i am, with the rainy day
we have to WAIT, WAIT and WAIT
till the room is finish. whatthe....
but then, I really like their food !
it is SOOOOOO heaven delicious !!

the welcoming drink
a yummy breakfast
everyday RAINING :(

gave AVERAGE to them
extra CHARGE. errr ~.~
on 11.12.11,
we go to my hometown,
at Raub, Pahang.
because my relation got married
then, we ate a lots of DURIAN !
i ate too much 
and got some fever.
PADAN MUKA to me. haha

this is the BEST weekend i've ever had.
thinking of my family, 
would make me happy.
so that is why i LOVE my family ! :D

p/s : gonna miss these ! :(

i LOVE their pastry!!!!!!!