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Lawn Bowl - Beginner
Friday, March 16, 2012 | 06:54 | 0 heartsā™„

Bowl & Jack

on 14 March 2012,
the history of my life.
i got to play Lawn Bowl !

so excited bcoz this is my first time.
we just play and play
from 5.00 pm until 6.30
non-stop !
showing that we really
enjoy the game.
but then,
when we arrived hostel,
seems like i got some injured,
on my right leg.
sobs !

playing Lawn Bowl
is not difficult actually,
it is just that,
if you have talent,
then you will win.
no no,
what I mean was,
it is how you throw the ball,
you have to throw it
with high speed
so that you can
beat your opponent
and the best thing is,
it is not to throw bowls
 to touch jack,
but to be near it.
it is just like that. lol