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Dah Lama Tak Membebel Disini
Sunday, May 20, 2012 | 10:01 | 0 heartsā™„

Once upon a time, 
there's a girl named
Nur Syakirah.
She originally born at HUKL,
but then, her family moved to Shah Alam.
She lives there until now.
She goes to school at Shah Alam,
just near from her house.

~ Tadika ,
~ Sekolah Rendah ,
~ Sekolah Agama ,
~Sekolah Menengah

all at Shah Alam.
and she never been apart from her family.
but then, after she finished her SPM,
when she check her UPU result,
she found out that 
she was accepted to go to Matriculation.
at KMPh [Kuantan, Pahang].
Then, she knew that her life will change.

~ far from her family
~ far from her friend
~ strange place.

first, she sad.
but then, when she makes friend there,
she happy.
she knows that she can do it.
she study hard.
and then she continue her degree
in high technology marketing at UTeM.
she know, her future will become bright
if she study well,
graduate in good result,
and got dean list. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

first, she cry.
then she happy.
she always think positive,
no matter how negative the thing is.
i'm proud to her.
i'm proud to myself.

so much things happen to me.
it makes me more mature.
more independent.
i like it like this.
yeahh, everyone go through this moment,
the moment we feel exhaust,
sad, feel like crying all day.
but then, there's always rainbow after heavy rain.
i'll always remember that.
whenever bad things happen to me, 
i realize, there's always good news wait for me.

and This is me - 2012

I promise to myself, 
that one fine day, 
I'll buy this car.
insyaALLAH. chaiyok Syakira! :)