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Goddess of War
Tuesday, May 1, 2012 | 10:11 | 0 hearts♥

Goddess of War = Athena

This story is about 
a terrorist group known as “Athena” 
and led by evil mastermind Son Hyuk 
threatens South Korea and the world. 
It is now up to special agent 
Lee Jung Woo of the National Security Agency 
to foil their terrifying conspiracy. 
Jo Soo Young, 
the daughter of the South Korean president, 
is kidnapped and hidden away in Italy. 
Jung Woo and his team 
are given the assignment 
to find her and bring her back.

Few days back,
after finish my midterm paper,
every single day I would not missed 
to watch this drama.
I fall in love with the story
and not to forget the hero! hehe
Yeah. ofcoz. because I love action drama.
the heroin is super amazing.
now, i'm still watching,
currently at episode 7.
ouh ouh ouhhhh.
Goodluck finishing the rest episodes.

oh and don't forget,
FINAL is around the corner, Syakira.
one month more. 
I really have a tough semester this year.
the most tiring is, ENERGY.
for that subject only, 
I got loads of works.
just chill! 
everything's gonna be alrite.
since, all my senior managed to pass it.
so do I. 
let's wait for the study mood to come.
only then I can do all the works,
successfully. right? huhu
so, by the time,
Hello Athena!
hehe. Athena first,
then revision.
I promise.

till then, annyeyo !