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Internship (Industrial Training)
Saturday, March 2, 2013 | 17:46 | 0 heartsā™„

Long time no see.
I've been busy doing "something"
Something. Very. Important.
in order for me to graduates.

Starting from 18th February 2013 until 2nd August 2013,
I have to attend for internship, at Section 7.
So lucky am I, I manage to find a place for intern,
near to my HomeSweetHome. hihi

I learned a lot of things here.
Currently we're busy settle up things,
because our company's website will launch on 15th March.
This is the link: Worldclass Trade & Development
If you're interested in being an Islamic Entrepreneur,
feel free to ask me how,
or just click on the link

This is how we work
eventhough we sat beside to each other,
we prefer emailing or just use TeamViewer.
hahaha. I can't imagine
how I manage to adapt this situation
and the people around.
Tak kenal pon,
tp macam senang je nak bg2 kerja.
tanya ape yg tak faham.
mcm da lama kenal
worked well with them.

Along this 2 weeks interns, 
I found myself gain something.
Something. Really. Good. For. Me

1. Read-a-lot (terpaksa actually)
2. Neat (Do work perfectly)
3. Time management
4. Respect others
5. Working is INTERESTING
6. I miss study

Some of my friend merungut,
tempat praktikal kecik
got no aircond
not comfortable
got no work to do
and want to change to another place

But for me,
it's different.
Company kecil mmg tak best,
kita boleh tgk how they manage the company
with the limited financial status
with limited staff
we have to think positive.
nak berjaya is not easy.
Rasulullah nak tegakkan agama pon
kena lalui mcm2 rintangan, ujian
apatah lagi kita just a normal human being.
got no specialties.
we have to worked hard to gain something.
that is my prinsip.

Get some motivational words
or nasihat from elders.
InsyaAllah we'll be okay.
Trust in Allah.

Good luck friends.