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SEED 4 Family, Friends & my Everything.
Saturday, September 14, 2013 | 15:26 | 0 heartsā™„

According to our height

Angry Faces

Felix, the "angel"

My Bestfriend

I love them the MOST!!

I never had an amazing friends, experiences & joyful moments like this, like SEED Programme. Here, I met positive people, interesting sharing and new family. I met lovely friends from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines  Germany, Algeria and of course Malaysia. Even though we are in different religion, races or nationality but yet, our mission is same, we want to build a good business plan and an action plan for the villagers, we want to help them with all the knowledge we have. Apart from that, throughout time and moments that we share, we didn't realize that it comes to an end. I will never forget the memories we shared together. let's be friends and keep in touch. Forever & ever, I'm thankful to God, we met. SEED changes me. To a better person. Thank you.

"I had my first tutorial for this semester. New faces new enthusiasm. The classroom setting reminds me of SEED participants again. Can't help it but missing all the sharing moments in sudara, pantai suri and teluk renjuna. Lectures and discussions were so mobile and not confined to four walls. Such experience can't never be wiped away. We discussed while walking in the village; we whispered about the problems over dining table; we debated about the solutions under the tent; we took photos and laughed about it day and night; and we enjoyed the boat ride without life jackets! We had series of beach party. Oh dear. How I wish my lectures and tutorials could be as real as SEED. So, prof chong is right. SEED transforms us. SEED participants have reallly transformed me and completed my journey in teaching and learning. Every Seed is impact ful and unforgettable. All of you are missed so dearly. Thanks for being part of my teaching life. God bless and we shall keep in touch always" - Dr Wee Yu Ghee.