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I Wish I Can Fly
Saturday, April 26, 2014 | 17:45 | 0 heartsā™„

Little things, 
tiny wings
I wish I could fly, 
and soar up in the sky, 
away from worries and cares, 
moments which bring tears, 
unknown imaginary fears, 
scared of parting from dears, 
how I wish I could fly
just soar 
and skim the clouds, 
dive into the trees, 
and rest my cares in their cool green leaves, 
bury my face
in the velvety flowers, 
and breathe in the heavenly scent, 
just forget, 
and revel in being alive
soar over the vast blue seas
dive over the vast white beaches, 
and smell the scent of the sea
skimming over the surf, 
rolling on the green turf
flying a race with the bees, 
tiny wings, little things
I wish I could fly
and say goodbye, 
to mundane things
for a while
fly away from it all
fly glad and proud and tall, 
refreshed reborn
ready to face life, 
yet again.