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10 Days Vacation: Siem Reap - Phnom Penh - Ho Chi Minh City
Monday, September 15, 2014 | 16:11 | 0 heartsā™„

Our trip begins at Siem Reap, a small town in Cambodia. We arrived there at 8.00 am local time. The flight ticket from KLIA 2 to Siem Reap International Airport is RM 130 per person. As soon as we arrived at the Siem Reap International Airport, we take a taxi, cost $7. The taxi driver at first willing to take us to the interesting places at Siem Reap, unfortunately he just take us to the museum and lotus farm which is NOT SO INTERESTING like he claim. He took us to buy our bus ticket to Phnom Penh costs $18 (such a liar, we can get the bus ticket as low as $8). Then, he took us to look around the town until 1.30 pm and then charged us for $30. We are so NOT SATISFIED with the service because he charged us too much!

*p/s: Do not easily trust the local people. They just want your money.

Our picture at the museum

After having some rest, we went to the Old market to have a look at their souvenir, post card, t-shirts, etc. Whenever you go to shop your things, please please please NEGOTIATE the price with them. They know you're a tourists that's why they charge you up to 100% from the original price (they sell to local people). 

Shopping tips:
1. T-shirts - They may put the price up to $7, but you can buy it for only $3 (if you're good at negotiating)
2. Pants - Normally they said the quality is good, that's why it is expensive, $10 for example. But you know, I bought a long pants for only $4
3. Key chains & Fridge magnet - Depends on the quality
4. Post cards - The cheapest I can get is, 10 cards for $1
5. Do not just buy it, survey 3-4 times or you will regret, trust me.

At night, there's a Night market (just behind our hotel) hihi. Oh, I forgot. We stayed at **Angkor Orchid Central Hotel (highly recommended) which costs us only RM 420 for 3 nights (2 standard room). This hotel owned by a muslims and they served halal food during breakfast. Continue to the night market, here you can find a lot of souvenirs, local food (non-halal), see their lifestyles.. So interesting. We went to night market almost every night. haha. Today, we just ate instant mee.

The next day, second day at Siem Reap, we went to Angkor Wat which costs $20 per person. We spent our time from before the sunrise (4.30 am) until 3.00 pm. Then we go straight to have our lunch at one of the Muslim Restaurant named Cambodian Muslim Restaurant, we went there with tuk tuk taxi for $4. At night we hang out at the night market.

The views during sunrise

Our selfies in front of the Bayon Temple

The third day we planned to rent a bike, $2 per person, but unfortunately, it's raining.. So we just laying down on our bed until 12.00 pm. Then as usual we went to the Old market to shop the t-shirts, souvenirs, bags, etc. Luckily our hotel located near the old market and night market, so we just go there to spent our time. We had our dinner at **Thoba Yana Restaurant (highly recommended). Surprisingly, we went there with our own foot because we want to save our money to other stuff. It's about 5-6 km from the old market.

The fourth day, after having breakfast we take a short moment to the old market for our last shopping there. At 2.30 pm we went to the Phnom Penh with van. The journey took about 6-7 hours. The road is not so lovely. If you want to go to Phnom Penh by van or by bus, be strong.

*p/s: We only eat once or twice a day. Breakfast: bread or biscuits. Lunch OR Dinner: heavy (instant mee or fried rice)

We arrived at PP at 9.00 pm, checked in at Royal Inn, and rest. 2 standard room costs RM 420 for 3 nights. The fifth day, we had hot coffee and biscuits with strawberry jam for our breakfast. Then we start our journey to the Russian Market. We got fooled by Agoda. They claimed that this hotel is located near the Russian Market and whatever markets at Phnom Penh but we take a walk for more than 1 hour to reach to the Russian market, it is about 9 km. Basically, it's the same thing at the night market in Siem Reap. Not recommended. After so frustrated, we went to Aeon Phnom Penh just located near to our hotel, we bough instant mee, yogurt & mineral water to survive for the remaining days there, because no halal restaurant nearby. At night, we went to have a look at their night market, also the same as in Siem Reap, not recommended.

Sixth day, we rent a tuk tuk taxi for about $20 to go to the **Killing Fields, Museum and **Central market. For first timer, you MUST go to the Killing Fields and Central market. At the killing fields you will guided by the audio player and learn how the Cambodian people killed by the evil. The story is so interesting and yet sad. The tickets to enter the killing fields is $6 per person. And the most interesting places at Phnom Penh is their central market. It is big, and the things sold there is cheap. You can negotiate to buy the t-shirts, silk and so much. I bought a Cambodian Silk for $12 and a shirt for $2. At night, we ate instant mee and rest.

Seventh day, we take a quick shopping to the central market and went to Ho Chi Minh City at 2.00 pm. The bus ticket is $10 per person. The journey took about 7 hours from Phnom Penh. We reached HCMC at 9.00 pm, checked in at Tulips Hotel Saigon and start "cuci mata" to **Ben Thanh Night Market, the heaven for women! The hotel costs us for RM 560 for 4 nights (2 standard room).

The Eighth day, we went to Saigon Central Post Office, Saigon Centre and Saigon Square. The price there is quite expensive, so not recommended. After some rest and lunch (instant mee), we went to shop at Ben Thanh Market. If you go there, prepare a lot of money because you will buy the silks, baju kurung, kain pasang, jubah and whatever it is, you will buy something!! Even the **Vietnamese coffee, I'm crazy for that coffee, I even bought the 3 in 1 Trung Coffee (signature coffee of vietnam: halal) for RM 8 per pack (contain of 21 sachet). 

Our picture in front of Saigon Centre

The nineth day, we spent the whole day at Ben Thanh Market. There's two market there, Ben Thanh Market and Ben Thanh Night Market. Ben Thanh open from 9.00 am - 6.30 pm while the night market start from 8.00 pm - 12.00 am. The markets located at the same place. The shops nearby offer a good quality of sewing clothes, also sell telekung, kain pasang and vietnam silk. Please please please negotiate with them. My friend bought a Deuter backpack (60L) for only RM 30. We had our dinner at Serai Muslim Restaurant, the price is affordable.

We bought a lot of vietnam silk, jubah and telekung. If you went to Saigon, it's a waste if you don't make a business. A lot of people go there and buy silk or shawl in bulks and sell it at Malaysia slightly higher from the original price. At least, it cover your ticket price to go there. Seriously, you will be crazy at Ben Thanh Market. Please, negotiate at your best.

The last day we went to have a quick, last minute shop to buy a shirts and souvenirs for our friends. We checked out at 10.00 am and our flight scheduled at 12.45 pm, the flight ticket is RM 180 per person (including the tax & 25kg of check in things).

*p/s: They accept RM, Vietnam Dong and USD, choose wisely every single time you make a payment.

Here are the recommended list:
1. Angkor Orchid Central Hotel (Siem Reap): +855 63 633 4112, www.angkororchid.com
2. Tuk tuk taxi (Siem Reap): Facebook | Lim Sa, limangkor@yahoo.com
3. Rokiah Collection - A Mach (HCMC) Telekung: Ben Thanh, +84 1679 10067, +08 3844 9729
4. Mouso Kariem Collection (HCMC: Near Basiroh)
5. Hjah Maridam: 571, Ben Thanh Market, Whatsapp: +84 907455955, email: maridamhaliem@gmail.com 

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